How to watch X Factor UK abroad

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Every year the UK holds it’s annual singing competition known as the X Factor. The UK talent show is one of the most popular TV events yearly and draws in an audience of millions. After 10 completed series it seems there is no let up in the amount of interest in this show. Producing some of the biggest name individual singers like Leona Lewis back in 2006 and more recently One Direction in 2010 the show really does cherry pick some of the best unseen talent and thrusts them on the the world stage. No matter if you like or hate these types of shows no one can argue that a group like One Direction haven’t done amazingly well conquering the world.

Series 11 kicks off on the 30th August 2014 and will run until December where the standard Christmas number 1 song battle will commence. As per usual the X Factor will be being aired live on ITV with the off shoot The Extra Factor being shown straight after on ITV 2. The auditions kick off at 8:00pm BST on the 30th August and the show will be aired around a similar time give or take an hour either side for all future episodes. The Extra Factor can be seen straight after The X Factor finishes by turning over to ITV 2.

So, what do you do if you want to watch the X Factor UK abroad? It’s a dilemma that faces all X Factor fans, either those who are living outside the UK for a period of time or those who go on holiday and can’t bare to miss out on the latest results. If you visit the ITV Player homepage from outside the UK then you’ll be blocked from watching the X Factor which is disappointing especially if you have kids who are hard to please while away from home and missing a favourite show for anyone of any age can be annoying.

There is a system known as SmartDNS which allows you to watch UK TV such as ITV Player when you’re outside the UK. The magic of the system is you don’t lose any of your internet speed, so if you’re in your villa in Spain, a caravan site in France, a motel in the USA or even lazing about in a hammock in Australia then it is possible to watch the X Factor UK live from abroad! Using a SmartDNS is extremely simple so it’s nothing to worry about and they only cost around $5 per month which is roughly ¬£3 so they won’t break the bank either. The last bonus is SmartDNS works across a range of systems from Windows and Mac computers to¬†Tablets, TV’s, media boxes and more, each provider gives a list of devices and usually guides to set up on each. Follow my simple step by step guide below to get going.

  1. Firstly sign up to a SmartDNS provider, I recommend Overplay but check our Best SmartDNS Comparison Guide for a list of other great SmartDNS providers too.
  2. Most providers offer a simple guide on how to set up on your system but if you have a Windows computer you can follow our SmartDNS on Windows guide.
  3. Head over to the ITV Player website on Saturday nights and enjoy the X Factor….. X Factorrrrrrr!

That’s it. It’s extremely cheap, extremely simple and if you get stuck you can even post in our comments section and I’ll be happy to assist you. A great way to watch the X Factor UK abroad!

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